Runners Bedrin, Clark Return To Boston Marathon
MARATHON RUNNERS Michael Bedrin and Tim Clark were among the 36,000 runners who competed in the Boston Marathon. It was a very emotional return to the race after last year’s tragic bombings.

We have all seen them along the roadway and on trails at one point or another; some of us admire them in passing, some wish they had done the same thing that morning and some of us simply think they are crazy. They are runners Tim Clark and Mike Bedrin, two Mountaintop residents who were among the 36,000 of them who signed up to run 26.2 miles through eight towns, in front of a crowd of approximately one million people in the Boston Marathon.

While they haven’t been running their entire lives, both men were fairly experienced at running marathons prior to entering in Boston. For Bedrin, this was number nine and his second Boston Marathon; for Clark, number eleven and his third Boston Marathon. Both men started running as a way to continue or enhance their fitness level. Bedrin, competed in the Steamtown Marathon a mere six months after he started running around his 50th birthday.

Signing up to run a marathon isn’t something one does on a whim. The training period for a marathon is approximately 15-20 weeks, depending on what program you follow, and that program gradually increases the distance that one must do each day. While you don’t necessarily need any professional coaching, injuries become more common as the distance increases, and winters like the one we had this past year make it difficult to get outside to train.

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